Friday, August 24, 2012

250 subscriber contest details

Type: Film contest.
Description: Your goal is to submit an awesome video on YouTube, then send it to our main channel (tobirates). You will get a response through our 2nd channel (TikhamunsStuff1) from our 3 judges saying their honest opinions.

Themes: History (past or future), documentary, Playmobil, comedy, & music.

Gold reward: A chance to be a voice actor in Stunt-Playmobilian The Movie. And a free "Winner's Edition" copy of Royal Blood. (If you just want the Royal Blood copy, you can tell us, and we'll give the voice actor chance to someone else who participated.
Silver reward: A free “Winner's Edition” copy of Royal Blood.
Bronze reward: A free copy of Royal Blood.
Quartz reward: Kept secret until February 1st (if we hit 250 subscribers by then).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

KhAnubis productions newsletter #4

Well I only have a few things to talk about this month!

1: After their first movies, Royal Blood and SPTM will have their own SHOWS! Only, they're online, but might be on TV. SPTM's will be called "SPTS".

2: Our upcoming film is "Playmobil Byzantines: The Fall of Constantinople retry" then, there's The First Playmobil.