Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick update

Hey, guys!
So you may have noticed that we haven't posted anything from 2-7-12 to 3-15-12, well it was uploaded on the 17th, but it was supposed to be 2 days earlier. But the "Ides Of March" special (for the 2056th anniversary of Julius Caesar's death) anyway, I got SICK on the 15th, and it only started to go away on the 17th! (By the way, the sickness I had was the flu, I had a maximum temperature of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit) So, anyway, let's see what's going on with Royal Blood. So I know you're probably like "Hey, William, what's going on with that feature length movie of yours?" I doubt any of you actually said that. But now that we got almost everything ready, we'll soon film scene 2, not 20 or 12, but 2. We haven't filmed anything for RB since we last posted on this blog.
Anyway, so the movie will still cost $14.99 for the DVD (with the case, special features, behind the blood, etc) but just $5.99 for buying the movie on iTunes. So you've got a choice, you can either buy the DVD with all those special features and pay $15+shipping, or you can buy just the movie, but only the movie itself, nothing else, for just $6+nothing else.
The prices will never be higher than $15 on the DVD, nor higher than $6 on iTunes, but the only time of year they're different, is during December, during the holidays (this will only last from December 10th to January 10th) but the prices will be lowered, the DVD will be $9.99 and the iTunes file will be $3.99, that's a third off of the entire price.